Sierra Slide

£5000 (+ VAT)

Our patented colour reference slide

The slide carries 55 patches of a specialist material that mimics human tissue binding histological stains, to generate the ground truth colour of pathology. This enables the colour error of a scanner to be measured for validation and calibrated to ‘real-life’ colour data for accurate standardisation. 


£5000 (+VAT)

Analyse the colour reproducibility of your DP scanner

A comprehensive package consisting of a Sierra slide and specialist software application to analyse and validate a WSI device’s current colour characteristics, for comparison to the ground truth colour and standardisation achievable by Sierra technology across your scanner portfolio. 


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Device specific ICC profile generation

Used in combination with the Sierra slide and VS Analyser software, Sierra VS Profiler enables a unique ICC profile to be generated to standardise the colour of the digital images produced, to ground-truth colour.


£ Bespoke package

Integration into your workflow

Whether you are a manufacturer looking to ensure ICC grade colour reproducibility from the point of production, or a pharmaceutical looking to standardise your portfolio of devices, we have the expertise to fully integrate Sierra into your workflow.