FFEI launch Sierra Validate & Standardise Analyser

­­­­FFEI launch Sierra Validate & Standardise Analyser. A digital colour validation tool for Digital Pathology scanning devices that identifies the variances between the digital colours produced and actual ground-truth colour.


FFEI Names Dr Paul Bulpitt As New Head of Research and Development. Dr Paul Bulpitt brings a breadth of experience in delivering highly advanced and innovative technology to market

FFEI announces sierra colour calibration technology

FFEI Announce Sierra Colour Calibration Technology. Sierra corrects colour and increases uniformity across multi-vendor WSI scanners and enables ground-truth colour standardisation for pathology AI November 18th, 2019 – FFEI Ltd, the global developer of award-winning digital imaging solutions, today announced the availability of their patented Sierra colour calibration technology, which ensures colour fidelity throughout the […]

Nordic Symposium on Digital Pathology

Nordic Symposium on Digital Pathology Richard Salmon, Guest Speaker Richard Salmon will present on the topic of Color Management in Digital Pathology in the Open Innovation Session 2.

A call for colour calibration

A Call for Colour Calibration Why digital slide scanners must be correctly calibrated to yield trustworthy results Richard Salmon discusses Colour calibration in The Pathologist.