• The Truth About Colour
    in Digital Pathology

    A webinar hosted by FFEI & The Pathologist

Webinar: The Truth About Colour in Digital Pathology

The latest thinking in the area of colour fidelity in digital pathology

Advancements in digital pathology and Artificial Intelligence are positively impacting patient outcomes; from a reduction in waiting times for results and treatments to a faster time-to-market for new pharmaceuticals. However, now more than ever, it is vital that decisions are based on quality data – colour fidelity is critical.

In this webinar we will highlight the importance of validating and standardising the colour of digital images produced by WSI devices; share the latest thinking on how to ensure colour fidelity within your digital pathology workflow; introduce and demonstrate our seamless Sierra VSA solution, which lets you see how your individual devices reproduce colour; and finally share real-world data on the positive impact Sierra is having in a range of digital pathology environments.

  • Learning objectives

    1. Importance of colour fidelity within digital pathology

    2. The latest methodologies available for validating and standardising colour

    3. Understanding the impact of image QA and standardisation in a digital pathology environment

  • Who should attend

    Anyone that wants to understand the colour accuracy of their scanning device portfolio – motivated by the need to demonstrate and adhere to process control for quality and regulatory purposes.



A variety of trends and developments are positively impacting the practice of digital pathology: From new remote working regulations, as set out by the FDA; to the growth and adoption of AI technology within the field. However, the effectiveness of AI is dependent on quality data and there is a real need for standardised multi-site, multi-source data. Andy will highlight that, the key to unlocking the potential of these developments lies in not only understanding the colour fidelity of any given scanner, but also having the ability to correct to ground-truth colour.


Mark Wootton, Sierra Product Manager

To address the challenge FFEI developed the Sierra colour calibration portfolio, which includes the patented Sierra slide and Sierra VSA. Used in combination anyone can understand the colour accuracy of their scanning device portfolio. Additional help is available to implement colour profiles through our bespoke software and consultancy, as implementation of new QA methodologies requires consideration of workflow – Sierra ICC profiling is scanner-agnostic and compatible with common viewing and analysis methods. Mark will provide a live demonstration on Sierra Validate & Standardise Analyser, so you can fully appreciate the variances Sierra can pick-up and the difference it can make to your workflow.

Market deployments & real-world data

Richard Salmon, Business Development Lead for Life Science Technologies

Through the adoption of Sierra, practitioners can have confidence in the colour reproduction of their scanners and reduce the impact of colour variation on AI training sets of any size, with potential to maintain reliability of trained AI when applied in real-world settings.

Q&A session and close

FFEI Speakers


Andy Cook, CEO, FFEI

Sierra demonstration

Mark Wootton, Sierra Product Manager, FFEI

Market deployments and real-world data

Dr Richard Salmon, Business Development Lead for Life Science Technologies, FFEI