The Colourful Reality of AI

  • Colour management is vital for many technologies – but none so much as histopathology
  • Features of digital images, such as colour, vary between scanners
  • Because colour is not standardised between devices and images, AI algorithms may not perform as accurately and reliably as they could with uniform input
  • One approach to achieving uniformity involves the use of a special slide to standardise devices to real-world histopathology colours
Look around you and you’ll appreciate that “colour management” is applied to a broad mix of everyday technology – from televisions to cameras; industrial label presses to cinema screens. Accurate, reliable colour is deemed so important that these industries take extensive steps to mitigate any reduction in its performance or appearance. The integrity of colour in medical images should be no different – in fact, given the implications of the technology, it’s where standards should be the most stringent of all!


The colourful reality of AI

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